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At Beverly Hills Egg Donation we understand that our Intended Parents often have different Donor requirements and financial needs. Beverly Hills Egg Donation offers our Intended Parents a variety of Donor and cycle options.

First Time Donor Program - This program is for those Intended Parents who are cost conscious but wish to have a fresh Donor cycle. The program includes a First Time Donor who has had the preliminary medical prescreening. The package costs for the cycle are $16,610, which includes the Agency Fee, Donor Fee, Donor Insurance, Psychological Testing, Genetic Counseling, and Donor Legal Expense. The Agency Fee includes full cycle coordination of your Donor Cycle. The First Donor Program includes one rematch should the Donor not receive medical clearance. Additional charges for new Psychological Testing, Genetic Counseling, Intended Parent Legal Agreement, and Attorney Held Trust Fees apply.

If the cycle does not produce a successful pregnancy, there will be an agency fee charge for the second cycle.

Proven Donors are not included in this Donor program.

Traditional BHED program - This program is for those Intended Parents who wish to have a Proven Donor, The donor fees range from $8,000 to $10,000. The Agency Fees range from $7,500 to $8,500, including full cycle coordination of your Donor cycle. Total costs, including those to outside parties (psychologists, genetic counselors, donor attorney and oocyte donor insurance), range from $17,800 to $20,150.

Points of differentiation between Traditional BHED program and other Egg donor agencies;

Second cycle rematch with no additional agency fee- If your transfer takes place, and you do not have a successful pregnancy with all frozen embryos utilized, we will waive our agency fee for one additional cycle. If preimplementation genetics diagnosis is used in the cycle, all normal frozen embryos must be utilized before the waiver will apply.

Refundable Agency Fee- Should the Intended Parents elect to cancel the cycle before injectable medicines have begun, Beverly Hills Egg Donation will refund 75% of the Agency Fee.

Notes for both Donor Program Options

  1. Donor travel costs are in addition, to the costs shown, and are documented in our Travel Expense Policy.
  2. Costs to the doctor's office for procedures and medication are in addition to the prices above.
  3. Cost for intended parent's drafting attorney is paid directly to your attorney.

BHED Academic Achievers

A significant portion of our donors are academic achievers. Our definition of academic achiever is as follows;

Academic Achievers are donors who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Graduated or currently enrolled in a US News and World Report top 30 school- Graduated from or currently enrolled in an advanced degree program
  • 1400+ on old SAT or 2100+ on new SAT
  • ACT score of 30+
  • College GPA of 3.7 or above from a 4 year University

BHED High Achiever is a college grad or current undergraduate student with a GPA over 3.5

Additional Costs Payable to BHED for Outside Services for the Traditional BHED program for the second cycle;

$500 administration fee

$350 for psychological screening (mandatory for first time donors at BHED, recommended annual update)

$300 for genetic counseling for first time donors (mandatory)

$400 for Oocyte donor insurance for potential medical complications (mandatory)

$350 attorney held escrow fee

Travel expenses of the donor, if she resides more than 25 miles one way from the chosen Clinic/Fertility Doctor

Outside clinic monitoring for "Travel" cycles

Donor's attorney fee of $400 for review of the Agreement between the Donor and Recipient

When Payments are Due:

Agency fee, oocyte donor insurance, and admin fee are due at the time that the agency agreement is signed. All other charges will be invoiced and due within two weeks of signing the agency agreement. These funds will be held in an attorney held escrow.

Donor Change:

If the donor fails any screening or if the cycle is cancelled for any reason prior to retrieval, the full agency fee will be applied to a subsequent BHED donor cycle. If you do not wish to choose a replacement donor, we will refund you 75% of the agency fee, provided the donor has not begun injectable medications at the time of the cancellation.

Fees for any outside services that have already been rendered to the donor are non-refundable. If medication has not been started, 100% of the donor fee is refundable or transferable to another donor.


Costs are estimates and are subject to change. BHED can only offer estimates of the costs involved with an egg donation cycle. Actual costs incurred by your cycle might differ from this expense summary.

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