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Selling Your Eggs – How are Donors matched with recipient families

Posted in: , 01/10/2017

At BHED, when a couple decides to use donor eggs, they can view a password protected database of potential donors. A tentative donor egg match is made when the recipient families decides to move forward with a specific donor. Our IVF coordinator will contact the egg donor to confirm her availability and begin the second half of the process of selling your eggs. Once it is confirmed that the egg donor is available for the recipient's necessary time frame, and has passed her FDA-required round of testing, the match becomes official. Sometimes donors are selected and matched to a recipient very quickly after they apply.  However, other donors may take months or years before they are selected; still others may never be selected.

Although similar to online dating, picking an egg donor is a decision that will last a lifetime – divorcing a baby isn’t an option.  A recipient’s baby will be theirs for life.  Some of the criteria that people consider when choosing and egg donor includes:

  • Does the donor have past cycles that were successful?
  • Does the donor look like the recipient?
  • Or does the donor have particular features (height, weight, eye color) that the recipient family finds important?
  • What is the donors educational background?
  • Does the potential donor have interests that are similar to ours?

For those of you who are considering selling your eggs, an article posted on ScaryMommy.com shared some recipient insight: http://www.scarymommy.com/choosing-egg-donor/.  If selling your eggs makes sense for you, contact Beverly Hills Egg Donation and we can help you along the next step in the process.  BHED offers the best opportunity at being matched very quickly with loving parents who are carefully screened.  The gift of donation has an incalculable emotional reward but we also offer the highest compensation for donors in the United States. First time donors are compensated $8,000 and repeat donor fees increase considerably with each successful cycle.


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Traditional Cycle

In a traditional cycle, one recipient is matched with one donor for one cycle. If a successful pregnancy is not achieved and all normal embryos have been used, the recipient is eligible for a second cycle with no agency fee.

Shared Cycle

In a shared cycle, two or more recipients will share eggs from one cycle with one donor at one clinic. Each recipient pays an agency fee and legal fees. Shared expenses include donor fee, donor insurance, and donor travel (if applicable). Medical expenses are determined by the clinic. This option is not subject to our free rematch policy unless specifically outlined in the agency agreement.

Frozen Eggs

We work with some clinics that offer frozen eggs. The donor choices are limited. If you are interested in frozen eggs, please contact us. This option is not subject to our free rematch policy.

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