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We have recommended BHED to other French couples

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

We are the happy parents of Simon, a little boy two months old. When we are looking at him, we think back on the days of January 2015 when we decided to have a child through surrogacy. To have a child with the help of an egg donor and a surrogate mother is an adventure. Like for any other birth, and more so, we needed advice and help.

This is why we have appreciated working with BHED, from the first day until now. We lived at the time in Europe and thanks to the website our search for an egg donor was easy. Even more, Cheryl, which was by our side all the time, was listening to what we had to say, understood what we wanted et answered all the questions we had about choosing our egg donor. She managed all of our contacts, and interviews, by phone or Skype, with the egg donors we selected. She arranged and came with us to a meeting with the egg donor we had chosen. Cheryl had a good humor and a lot of empathy.

We have since recommended BHED to other French couples who would want to welcome a child their home and create their own family.

O & J – France