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BHED are the best egg donation agency to use in California

Saturday, October 15th, 2016

My partner and were assisted by BHED to find the perfect egg donor that met all of our needs and desires. We are so happy with our decision to use BHED to help us create a family. We recommend BHED to other intended parents for the following reasons:

  1. The most significant difference between BHED and other agencies is Robyn. Robyn is an amazing, kind and loving person who genuinely wants to help you create a beautiful family. Robyn has extensive experience and knowledge and guided us through the selection and administration process.
  2. The egg donor database is very user friendly and easy to create a new account. We spent many hours searching through the data base looking for the perfect egg donor. It is great that you can create a list of favorites.
  3. The donor’s profile contained multiple photos and adequate information. This allowed us to gain a great sense of who they are and why they become donors.
  4. The knowledge Robyn and her team had on the donors was unique. They valued each donor not just as a number, but as a person. This was important for us because we really wanted to get a feel for our donor.

From the bottom of our hearts will would like to thank the BHED team and Robyn for helping us create a family.

C and S, Australia