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BHED Featured in the Largest UK LGBT Platform (website/magazine)

Sunday, April 26th, 2015

The largest gay magazine and website in the UK, Pride Life, a one-stop lifestyle resource for the LGBT community, recently featured Beverly Hills Egg Donation (BHED) as a go-to provider of egg donation services for LGBT families.

The featured article, entitled “Becoming Parents”, answered potential egg donation recipient’s questions from the unique perspective of an LGBT family.

The article included one family’s success story with BHED:  “Our smartest move was assembling a top-notch team: a surrogacy agency that matched us with a heroic surrogate; an egg donation agency, BHED, that brought us donor after donor when fate (including some bad timing and poor cycles) conspired against us; and a doctor who made magic happen before our eyes while gently holding our hands through it all.”

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